What is Tug Scrub?

October 18 2016  Comments

Have a conversation with me, Shane “Spike” Desloges and avail the transparency for a heartfelt responsibility for the marine environment and industry as a whole.

There have been many brands attempt to enter our marketplace without the clear understanding that “things don't change quickly”. Boaters are fickle and phenomenally patient purveyors of D.I.Y. (do it yourself) projects.

 Its just uncanny to travel the docks with someone in a suit / pant suit from the business development desk of some upstart cleaning product company and to watch them sweat with the clear and present opportunity that I recognized in the 90’s… 

“Theres a lot of work to do here and every marina/yacht club”

Another point to consider is all of this maintenance work is being done in immediate proximity to the water or obviously, on the water, everyday! 

The responsibility we and every boater has as caretakers of the water is all to often overshadowed by the work to do on each and every individual boat. 


This is where the plethora of cleaning, polishing, finishing and coating solutions begin to primarily compete for immediate results, followed by ease of use then safety for the user and the environment…

We have reversed engineered this issue to attend to what we believe to be a better primary focus.

Environmentally conscious when selecting our products

Obsessive while gentle when performing our services

Always attentive to our clients sensitivities

Every day, we give thanks to just be on the water!


TUG SCRUB is Frog Wash

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available in 3 sizes


500ml with 1 spray bottle

2L with 2 spray bottles

4L with 3 spray bottles

Spike On The Water has our own “GetRDone” dilutions for boat detailing

windows - 5ml/500ml - wipe clean then wipe dry

spider spots - 30ml/500ml - apply, wait 2min, wipe clean

bilges - 120ml/500ml - extract all standing water, apply, agitate with detail brush, wipe clean

deck wash - 200ml/3.5 L - mix in bucket, medium/soft brush apply, rinse

hard water spots - 250ml/500ml - apply generously, non scratch scouring sponge, wipe clean

black streaks - 250ml/500ml - apply, wait, microfibre wipe clean

tree sap - 100% tug scrub - focused application, wait 20 minutes, scrub clean

mould stains - 90ml/500ml - apply, agitate with stiff brush, wipe clean, repeat as necessary


Tug Scrub by FrogWash is made exclusively from ingredients found on Environment Canada’s Domestic Substances List (DSL).    These are:


Sodium Carbonate

Sodium Carbonate (also known as washing soda, soda ash and soda crystals) is a water soluble sodium salt of carbonic acid.  It is best known domestically for its use as a water softener.

Sodium Citrate

Sodium Citrate is a water soluble salt of citric acid.  It is best known domestically for its use as an acidity regulator in beverages and an emulsifier for oils when making cheese.

Alcohol Ethoxylate

Alcohol Ethoxylate is a water soluble organic compound produced from fermented, distilled and oxygenated plant material.  It is best known domestically for it’s use as a surfactant in laundry detergents, surface cleaners, cosmetics and, to a lesser extent, in pharmaceuticals.

Xanthum Gum

Xanthum gum is a polymeric carbohydrate derived from bacteria cultures.  It is best know domestically as a thickener in products such as chocolate milk.

Otherwise, the only other ingredient used in the production of Tug Scrub by FrogWash is good, old fashioned, water.


And now you know. 

 TUG SCRUB by Frog Wash is commercial strength cleaning solution that safely replaces all the other cleaners you're using at home or for business.




We all know FrogWash/TUG SCRUB can effectively replace practically all the cleaners you currently use. However, our customers keep telling us there are things that FrogWash cleans that NO OTHER CLEANER comes close to matching for results.   Here now is our top 10 list of thing FrogWash cleans better than anything else:



The problem with tobacco smoke is that it goes everywhere including floors, walls, ceilings, furniture, carpets, clothes and into every single nook and cranny.  While the foul stench goes almost unnoticed by smokers, everyone sees the tarry stains left by first and second hand smoke.  FrogWash makes short work of tobacco smoke on all surfaces, objects and items.


Modern parents are concerned about both the environment and their infant’s health in addition to saving money.  FrogWash helps because nothing in the world does a better job of safely cleaning biological stains from diapers and diaper pails, leaving them fresh and ready to go another day.


Pets, just like their human owners,  make mistakes.  However, our beloved friends from the animal kingdom frequently lack the ability to choose where their mistakes take place, especially if they have eaten something that doesn’t agree with them.  Also, dirty paws can be an issue anytime they come inside.   Now you don’t have to worry about toxic chemicals on your floors or rugs when you make a quick clean using FrogWash.


Even the best trained and healthiest bird in the world must submit to certain biological imperatives from time to time.  FrogWash has been tested and approved by some of the most discriminating bird owners. Not only does FrogWash do and exceptional job of cleaning up Polly’s Place,  it is 100% safe for the most sensitive species.


It may be a coincidence that so many pet owners love FrogWash for it’s effectiveness, but why the heck did you think we gave it this name?   Because it is safe in their environment.   Just don’t it directly on animals and pets as it will cause skin dryness.  Everything else is OK though.


Nothing is more effective in showers and baths than cleaning up soap scum buildup.   Simple spray diluted FrogWash on the area to be cleaned,  wipe with a cloth or soft sponge, and rinse.   Best of all, FrogWash will not etch glass, metal frames or discolour plastic surfaces.   Works well on porcelain fixtures too.


You’ll be amazed to find how well FrogWash can restore your tile and grout to there original colour.   Simply spray and give a few minutes to penetrate porous surfaces before wiping and rinsing. For maximum results,  use a stiff brush to whisk away the worst stains from grout.


Whether it’s your sofa or the seats in your car,  dye from jeans will leach from denim and deposit itself on your beautiful leather coverings.    The great news is that FrogWash can clean those nasty stains away.


Trying to narrow this list down to just 10 things that FrogWash does better than any other product in the world was tough. So, we just stuck to those things the everybody knows is a pain.   One of these happens to be the nasty dirt that accumulates on shirt collars and cuffs.   Heck, FrogWash is so good we even sell it to dry cleaners.


Thank you for reading and hopefully learning a little bit more about how #WEBEAUTIFYBOATS!

See you on the Water eh!




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