We have reached an impasse in grace.

March 14 2017  Comments


1.You the boat owner, broker, service person must make a new request via our BOOK SPIKE NOW form located at 


2. In response to your request, a date and location confirmation will be sent 


3. We are enabled to accept this appointment with a $250 limited time rebate payment, credited to your completed service contract if you choose to accept our fully customized estimate.


4. It is not required but always advisable to meet with our estimator on this appointment to have your service request detailed thoroughly and leave no room for doubt. We want you to make a confident and competent decision.


5. The estimate acceptance process is very simple. Call us with a credit card.


6. When and only when full payment has been received will your vessel enter our service schedule. We have more payment methods than you can shake a stick at including bitcoin so be certain we will find a way to get r done


7. There are many variables to accomplishing our tasks quickly and efficiently which are all detailed on page 36 and 37 our service catalogue available at


8. You will receive a notification including a picture of the team attending to your vessel as soon as they arrive. This is also how we accumulate our payroll data.


9. During our service delivery we follow extremely detailed procedures and the crew also participates in the practice of setting stretch goals to ensure an exceptional effort and consistently improve their performances. Your boat must be better than the last.


10. At the completion of our services you will receive another notification to signal your welcome aboard to your beautiful boat. This notification will include the opportunity for you to offer your feedback, gratitude and/or gratuity for the team having completed a job well done.


That’s it! 


We are grateful for the opportunity to be on the water everyday, to be of exceptional service when WE BEAUTIFY BOATS! 


Spike on the Water Spike on the Water Spike on the Water Spike on the Water