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September 23 2017  Comments

Round one of the crowdfunding effort has kicked off for Spike On The Water’s Spike’s Marine Stations. If you’ve spoken to Spike recently, don’t even pretend you don’t know what that is (read on if you really don’t).

Spike and his growing number of partners have been hard at work raising awareness about this exciting project. The goal is to have the first Spike’s Marine Station completed by 2020. To achieve this target, Spike has been pounding the pavement, meeting with the likes of Canadian-based Kropf Industrial about the platform design; brand strategist, Lulu Unlimited; Brazil-based concept designer, Renato Cesar Carvalho (who created the great visuals); Tara Dunn with StorStac; and Mikael Alven with Drive-In Boatwash.

Spike’s Marine Station, which has since undergone design improvements to its container module layout, is valued at approximately $3.5 million dollars in total and will serve as the ultimate location for all things related to vessel maintenance. Through use of its drive-in hull washer, the stations will reduce the need for environmentally hazardous anti-fouling paint, ultimately benefitting the water quality in Lake Ontario (learn about this huge problem here:

“For 20 years now working on the water. I have become a student of our industry issues, and being eternally optimistic, I will not rest until a solution is discovered or I will create one,” says Shane ‘Spike’ DesLoges. “Our mission statement since 2001 has been ‘to cultivate opportunities in the marine environment through the education and invigoration of all old and new to the marine industry’. Spike’s Marine Stations are part of a calculated strategy for the enhancement of our original mission statement.”

Set to become a symbol of sustainability, Spike’s Marine Stations are built using re-purposed shipping containers, which are customized by to create the spaces listed below. 

Spike Marine Stations consist of:
1.     A state-of-the-art drive-in hull washer from Sweden (accepting sail and power vessels up to 55 feet LOA).
2.     A self-serve dock for DIYers who wish to work on their own vessels (up to 100 feet LOA). Additionally, this is where visitors will be able to arrange work by a vetted list of marine contractors, offering every imaginable type of boat service. Here you’ll find the profiles of our growing list of reliable partners:
3.     A full-service dock, is dedicated to all services offered through Spike On The Water’s experienced yacht detailers.
4.     Executive suites, offering comfortable accommodations and the perfect place to plan exciting trips into the city as work is performed on your vessel. Two suites will be available to our clients during extended service stays. For folks simply interested in a night on the water, the rooms can also be reserved via airBNB when vacant.
5.     We have three suites dedicated to crew, which can accommodate visitors that are accustomed to sharing smaller quarters for temporary stays. These are also to be made available online.
6.     A café/diner offering food and drink as well as catering services. Enjoy a fantastic meal with an incredible waterfront view.
7.     A water lab education centre focused on water quality and preservation. This space will be our main attraction for teaching visitors old and young about the impact of our society on the water. Our goal is to empower the future of water quality awareness and scientifically driven action plans.
8.     A marine supply store where you can restock for your next on-water adventure. Boaters are always in search of safety, maintenance and recreational items to keep the good times floating. Our online provisions catalogue will assemble the best products available from a plethora of suppliers, and make delivery and pick ups super easy.
9.     Administrative offices serving as HQ to mobile marine service providers. Here we will offer administration support with A/P and A/R services, CRM management, and enhance the visibility of our partners niche craft skills through Our aim is to have all Ontario and Quebec marinas within our database, enabling us to develop detailed service logs on all assets (vessels) across these provinces.

Rewards for Supporters
The crowdfunding drive is being overseen by LEOcrowd, a UK-based organization that specializes in turning great ideas into reality by rallying public support. Project supporters, who make small to large pledges, stand to save substantially on future vessel cleaning work. They will also be helping to create jobs, protect the environment and build an organized platform for booking every imaginable type of marine service work.

Recently, LEOcrowd has updated the list of rewards, which range from small prizes such as hats and T-shirts, up to larger ones like saving a whopping 50 percent on your annual boat-cleaning routine. See the full list here and please reach out if you have any questions or are interested in supporting the project ((416) 890-5899 or


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