NFC Chips: Would we? Could we? Should We?

March 02 2017  Comments

Here at Spike on the Water we are always looking for ways to connect with new customers and serve our existing customers better. When we heard about NFC chips we got excited because of their diverse application possiblities. 

Let's start by learning what exactly an nfc chip is. 

NFC stands for Near Field Communication. Each chips casts it's own field, and when two fields intersect the chips can communicate. 


Most smart phones have a chip inside, which makes adoption of this new technology easy. 

The chip can tell your phone to search for something, pull up a youtube video, start your car and even pay from something, just by waving your phone over it. 

If you click here you can see some different ways companies are using the chips to enhance customer experience. 

We are still not 100 percent sure how we want to take advantage of this amazing tech.

We were thinking maybe we could put stickers that have the chips in them on the posts infront of the boats that we service. They would say "How did this boat get so beautiful? Wave your phone here to find out!" 

When the customer does, their phone pulls up some before and after video, with a "Spike Style" intro and a "Book Spike Now" button. 

It could be another service we offer to customers. We could trick out your boat with NFC chips so when you step on the boat your favourite playlist starts playing, when you wave your phone around the stering wheel, the boat starts, when you wave your phone near the dash the GPS app pops up, the possiblities are endless! 


Let us know what you think of those options below in the comment section!

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To learn more about NFC chips here's some futher reading:


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