I am a man #Onthewater #Everyday

December 07 2016  Comments

I educate and serve people that identify with this place as a spiritual experience whether they can articulate it efficiently or not they will describe a need to be here.

Our team is brought into this culture and informed of the significant opportunity made available by our company to perform daily tasks that very few have or will ever perform in their lifetimes.

Our bodies are tested, daily. Pushed and pulled to the brink of exhaustion both mentally and physically to deliver value that we exchange for dollars to provide for our sustainability in this monetary system.

Our ability to reproduce our skills and experience beyond our own bodies and minds allows our family of crew and clientele to grow, naturally by making love to our purpose through processes designed to provide healthy, welcoming environments where many do and will continue to engage in more traditional sexuality practices.

The flow, is a state of consciousness we achieve with a simple formula of top to bottom, front to back. Be it a deck wash, hull polish or deep interior detailing the path is clear and resulting reward is pure and true accomplishment, on the water, everyday...

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