Drive-In Boat Wash to Eliminate Need for Anti-fouling?

October 05 2017  1 Comment

Earlier this year, Spike flew over 6,300 kilometres to Stockholm, Sweden to investigate the drive-in boat wash he came across online. He liked what he found, and now this innovative piece of technology is set to become a major attraction of his Spike’s Marine Station.

People who care about the quality of water on the Great Lakes will be pleased to learn that this device can greatly reduce or outright eliminate the need for environmentally harmful anti-fouling paint. Vessels up to 55 feet long will be able to pull into the Big Wash’s aluminum U-shaped frame, and within 20 minutes, have the entirety of their hull scrubbed clean. According to the washer’s manufacturer, RentUnder, active boaters should visit the washer every four to 12 weeks if they wish to avoid having to apply anti-fouling paint to their vessel’s hull. However, this can vary based on water temperature; water salinity; boat usage; and boat speed.

Now with round one of the LEOcrowd crowdfunding campaign shortly coming to an end (Oct. 19), the time to jump onboard and save some money on future yacht cleaning work is running out.

Even if it’s in a small way, please show your support for this exciting project, which has the potential to create a whole new standard of marine service, starting on Lake Ontario near Toronto.

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patrick on May 3 2018

Looks awesome. Where, when, how much?

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