Clean Now to Play Later

September 18 2017  Comments

Spike's crew works indoors too!

I hate to say it, but the end of our marine season is upon us and it won’t be long before boaters finally concede to that painful reality as they pull their vessels from the water in the coming weeks. With water levels so high this year, many boaters and the businesses serving them suffered an abbreviated season. Now with the season changing, we can only hope next year will be a lot better.

Soon your home away from home will be safely stored away for the off-season, ideally following a thorough scrubbing prior to winterization. You’ve invested substantial resources into your vessel, which in turn has helped you and your family to create unforgettable memories. Now is the perfect time to take care of any outstanding maintenance and mechanical issues so you don’t miss out on next season’s launch.

Since time is the ultimate luxury for boaters, Spike is reminding boaters who desire their vessel’s exteriors and interiors looking their best (and ready to entertain) for next season to book time now before his schedule is full. So far, Spike On The Water has eight bookings for off-season yacht cleaning services at indoor storage work areas. From mid September to May 15, Spike and his crew can usually be found working on clients’ vessels over at Neptunus Yachts’ facility in St. Catharines; Hamilton Harbour West’s storage area; or Toronto Outer Harbour Marina’s two indoor heated boat storage buildings.

If any of these locations are within convenient range for your vessel, or you would like to find out if visiting your home marina’s storage facility is doable, contact Spike at (416) 890-5899 or He and his crew are no strangers to travelling to other cities across southern Ontario to accommodate customers, so don’t hesitate to ask.

“Private indoor heated storage facilities keep your boat safe from the elements over the winter, and planning maintenance projects over the colder months provides a hassle-free launch come spring,” says Shane ‘Spike’ DesLoges, Spike On The Water’s CEO. “We are focused on delivering the detailing services offered in our catalogue as well as other niche contractor work that can be requested via” As you can see below, that list of additional contracted services is extensive, something Spike hopes to make increasingly accessible to boaters in the future (more to come on that).

Larger yachts (over 40 feet LOA) are model candidates for off-season boat cleaning services, allowing owners to avoid the massive time constraints that take place in spring. Following the May Two-Four weekend, Spike On The Water receives numerous bookings to clean smaller vessels, which are serviced outdoors as weather permits. When the weather is pleasant, Spike’s boat cleaning experts are more than capable of delivering the entire service menu in conditions of 10C or above. Below 10C, wood refinishing, gel repairs, compounding, polishing and the application of specialized coatings – such as Spike’s PT – become very difficult.

We’re not far from those lower temperatures, so indoor work is the best way to get to the front of the service line. Cross your fingers for an early launch in 2018 and improve your vessel’s odds of hitting the water first by booking a cleaning estimate at

Jonathan Lee


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