A Perfect Mini Boat Show Venue?

October 10 2017  Comments

When it comes to selling a lifestyle, settings are important. Sipping a cold mojito on a swanky yacht club patio overlooking the gleaming fibreglass hulls lined up along the dock is a far cry from walking rows of boats on thinly carpeted concrete floors in a show hall lit by fluorescent lights. That’s not to deny that most boats are scouted and sold at boat shows, but for big-ticket luxury yachts, the sales process takes longer and often requires a special touch. Case in point, check out the lifestyle- and image-infused private event VanDutch held at its VanDutch Center and Lounge in Miami, Florida, following the Miami International Boat Show earlier this year.

Dealers and yacht brokers may be interested to learn that Spike’s Marine Station will eventually be available for micro boat shows or other special marine events. Spike on the Water’s creative team is busy working away on new creative materials that will demonstrate the advantages of demoing product to vetted clients in the perfect setting: Spike’s Marine Station.

Company President, Shane DesLoges, envisions his marine service/detailing oasis as become as an ideal spot for hosting 20 to 50 guests where they will enjoy food, music and entertainment. A partner broker will be able display one to two larger watercraft at the station’s full-service dock, where they can be kept on standby for test cruises.

“We could sell one- to five-day exclusive branding of the station, with flags and media formatted for the particular brokerage or dealer,” describes DesLoges.

Besides being on the water, Spike Marine Station’s various sections are well suited to the specific requirements of showing watercraft. For instance, the station’s full-service dock can accommodate up to two yachts for display; attendees can relax over at the diner and patios as they await their appointment to tour the vessels; the water lab can be branded to the broker or dealer’s preference as well as feature interactive visual aids or videos; and the offices offer a quiet spot for conducting private sales meetings.

More details are to follow on exactly what one of these exclusive intimate boat shows could look like.

   Spike's Marine Station concept image


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