21 books that put the heretic in hiring

October 27 2016  3 Comments

To be perfectly clear - our crew has been assembled for seasonal part time split shift temporary status. The main reason for this trend in employment style has always been that very few people like to work hard, even fewer want to get dirty and the smallest segment is awarded to those who enjoy working throughout all the hours the daylight allows. We have obviously evolved over the last 15 years with the consistency coming from a service demand always exceeding the available and qualified crew members and apt full time administration. Record seasons have accommodated up to 15 crew members and 3 administrators, all individually selected  and orientated by Spike then delivered to the water for collaborative learning and development. 

The patience and resolve to continue the highest level of service in any blend of skill, awareness and caring has driven many amazing people away from our team. It's often heartbreaking not knowing how to fertilize good intentions, taking new hires and cultivating into passionate and enthusiastic mariners blinded by the infinite horizons the recreational boating service industry and environment has to offer. WHY! 

No question like those derived from an insatiable desire to scale this experience can fertilize good intentions. 

This is our hiring process

Stage 1. Writing the ad - posting the ad - sharing the ad

Stage 2. Review replies - Do they mention "The Water",

a boating experience,

a desire to work outdoors,

a chance to enhance our brand with thorough representation

- send invite to our internal application.

Stage 3. Review complete applications - Score completed applications - trash the rest

Stage 4. Beginning from the low score (5000 points) , high scores (8000 + points) We populate Monday and/or Tuesday with half hour interviews at beginning at  8am for three consecutive weeks.

Stage 5. Interviewees are judged immediately for promptness, personal grooming, holding eye contact, handshake strength and how well they receive Kugi 

Stage 6. The questions we always ask : recorded in 360 video

What have you learned about Spike On The Water before today?  

When was the last time you were on the water?

What is your specific availability to begin work with Spike On The Water ?  

Do you have any questions about how we do what we do when we beautify boats? 

Can you provide an example of your ability to exceed expectations ?

What was the last book you read?

What is the one thing that you absolutely refuse to do?

How do you feel about spiders? 

Stage 7.  Existing crew VR review and independently vote for new hires

Stage 8. Welcome to the water calls are made  - if answered new hires are offered 2 training days at a training wage. - schedules alternate to observe various collaborations in action. 

Stage 9. After 2 weeks of work successful candidates will receive a crew shirt and be asked to promote their new position via social media and awarded a journeyman crew wage.

Stage 10.  Full integration to schedule - VR boat detailing lessons access - orientation of estimation and sales funnel procedures - Social Media Requirements and Responsibilities - Personal branding of job reporting forms.

Now that we have a qualified and confident candidate the goal shifts to development and maintenance. The tools we use include direct client response to reports , best report rewards monthly,  weekly Q&A meetings to identify more successful strategies and 1 on 1 meetings by crew request.


Success in any experience, in my opinion, is reliant upon a 110% commitment to the values of the experience and/or organization.


Spike On The Water values :

Community, Loyalty, Knowledge, Love, Humanity, Honour and consistently exceeding expectations!

Here are 21 of the books that have been integral to the development of our company culture. (Listed in no specific order of consumption) * Spike’s favourites for Re-Read

What I got from these reads


*The Artists Way by Julia Cameron

  The initial Spike On The Water business plan was cultivated of this practice. 

Frequency by Penney Peirce

 You are in flux with everything, tuning yourself to and from your surroundings makes being on the water a very powerful experience, everyday!

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

 No is not an answer, its always the result of your truly cultivated intentions.

Collaborative Intelligence by Dawna Markova Ph.D and Angie McArthur

 Discovering thinking talents in your team allows a premium productive position for all personalities if they choose to accept.

Vibrational Cleaning by Sabina M. DeVita

I care about the pineal gland of my crew and customers. There are very simple solutions to create great vibrations for wellness through cleaning.

The Innovators DNA by Jeff Dyer, Hal Gregersen and Clayton M. Christensen

 Many quality habits that cross the lines of cultures, class and religion to deliver all of the worlds greatest business developments. I innovate, consistently.

*Cultivating an Unshakeable Character by Jim Rohn

 Keeping your word is not a new lesson, just rarerly taught anymore. Who you are in this moment is who you will always be to somebody... FOREVER!

*Scaling Up Excellence by Robert I. Sutton and Huggy Rao

 Will and skill require focus to solidify excellence. Scaling varibles make choosing necessary risks leveraged only by limiting distractions from prime focus.

The Art of Exceptional Living by Jim Rohn

 Passionate practice is rewarded, less than passionate practice offer only regret. Always, everywhere, everyday. Be organized before you organize others.

The Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Classon

 The formula for every copper earned is 10% saved, ALWAYS, 20% repaid to debt on timely schedule, 70% is what you live off of, maybe less never more!

*The 10X Rule by Grant Cardone

 There always a way to exceed expectations, not just becase most people are lazy. You just gotta take your goal and X 10. 

The Happiness Industry by William Davies

 In common spaces there has been much effort put in to craft and cultivate cosumption recently rebranded as happiness. Tending nature is the better way.

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

 Once a decision has been made, action could,should and would be the sensible next step.

Fluke by Joseph Mazur 

 Eventualites are measureable, everything can be predicted to odds that may extend out of a lifetime but what happens always has a calculation to be derived.

The Economic History of the World since 1400 by Professor Donald J. Harreld

 The form and function of capitaism follows current trends and observable cycles that humans utilize to reaquire stability.

Crush it by Gary Vaynerchuk

 Entrepreneurs, real entreperneurs do not need to read this book. For real entrpreneurs, the passion you have will deliver these lessons in perfect time.

#AskGaryVee by Gary Vaynerchuk

 Social media is a tool required for participation in the knowledge economy. Gary Vaynerchuck is a master of story telling and recognizing white space.

Snakes in Suits by Paul Babiak

 There are many signals that avail the psycopaths around us. Elimination of these people should be swift. They are very caustic stopping at nothing to rule.

The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John C. Maxwell

 Sucess in leadership is capped by leadership skills of the leader and followers influencing the care to participate in character development daily as a collective. Leadership is a team sport.

*The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

 The journey is just as important as the destination.

Brain Droppings by George Carlin

 Be curious becuase life is short.


Thank you for reading. 


If you are a new crew candidate - Nice Work finding this post!!


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Alexandra on October 28 2016

As someone who works under Spike, let me tell you the difference between the culture described above and the culture of every other job I’ve worked: Vision.
What you just read was INTENTIONALLY created, it’s all by design.
He can see what and who the company needs. He doesn’t just want people, he wants the right people.
It starts with the hiring process, as you can see you are not solely evaluated based on whether or not your body can move, and if you can start immediately.
Spike actually looks at you, as a person, and gives you the courtesy of telling you upfront that you’ll enjoy and be good at the job, or that you won’t. Trust him, he knows, he’s been doing it forever. 
He’s not in a rush to just throw anyone in, because not just anyone can do this job.
At Spike on the Water I don’t feel disposable. I feel like Spike actually sees me, who am I, what I’m capable of. I don’t feel like just anyone can come and do what I do, because the job is growing with me. My duties and responsibilities are growing according to my long term interests within the company.
I’m telling you, It’s refreshing to be lead by a leader with vision.
It changes the game.

Shane Anthony Desloges on October 28 2016

@Alexandra thank you - it’s truly amazing to have you recognize in great detail what we are building here. #YouAreAmazing! Can’t wait for you to see the #Nikon360 footage!

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