A Perfect Mini Boat Show Venue?

When it comes to selling a lifestyle, settings are important. Sipping a cold mojito on a swanky yacht club patio overlooking the gleaming fibreglass hulls lined up along the dock is a far cry from walking rows of boats on thinly carpeted concrete floors in a show hall lit by fluorescent lights....

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Drive-In Boat Wash to Eliminate Need for Anti-fouling?

Earlier this year, Spike flew over 6,300 kilometres to Stockholm, Sweden to investigate the drive-in boat wash he came across online. He liked what he found, and now this innovative piece of technology is set to become a major attraction of his Spike’s Marine Station.

People who care about the...

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Spike’s Marine Stations – Help Us Build Something Amazing Now

Round one of the crowdfunding effort has kicked off for Spike On The Water’s Spike’s Marine Stations. If you’ve spoken to Spike recently, don’t even pretend you don’t know what that is (read on if you really don’t).

Spike and his growing number of partners have been hard at work raising awareness...

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Clean Now to Play Later

Spike's crew works indoors too!

I hate to say it, but the end of our marine season is upon us and it won’t be long before boaters finally concede to that painful reality as they pull their vessels from the water in the coming weeks. With water levels so high this year, many boaters and the businesses serving them suffered an...

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New Faces at Spike On The Water


Following a 10-year career in journalism covering all things affiliated with the recreational marine industry in Canada, I now count it a privilege to work alongside one of our industry's young visionaries. Previously working as both a trade and consumer writer, I first met Spike On The...

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We have reached an impasse in grace.

Our estimate schedule following the 2017 boat show took us on a 2500 km journey with zero deals confirmed and a significant amount of gas money expensed ..

Our history has never seen failure ratio so high and instead of being sad, we make adjustments to accommodate our goals. 

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NFC Chips: Would we? Could we? Should We?

NFC stands for Near Field Communication. Most modern smart phones are natively equipped with this technology. By waving your smart phone over the chip, certain preprogramed actions are taken by your phone, like pulling up a movie trailer, sending you to a website and much more. 

At Spike on the Water we love innovating and working with new technologies... so what do we think of NFC chips?

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Our First Boat Show

The 2017 Toronto International Boat Show was a phenominal experience. Our late entry added a little stress when it came to putting all the pieces together, but we made it just in time! We are so grateful for this experience.

Our main goals for the exhibition were to distribute our catalogue and unveil our new strategy for developing masters of our craft. We accomplished both as we handed out over 5000 catalogues! 

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I am a man #Onthewater #Everyday

What a great story, must share




#Spirit #culture #physical #sex #flow



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Spike Style 360 VR Video info

The clearest description I could find on what is current in the world of 360 VR video... read more to see some of our services in 360 Video!
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